Fiera Cugher Glass 1

Glass Expo 2015 marked a fantastic closing of Q1 for Cugher. A major deal was finalized, which affirmed Cugher as the top supplier of technologically advanced silk screen printing lines and solutions for the Automotive market. The extremely sucessful collaboration between one of the leading OEM automotive glass manufactures and Cugher continues.  

A distinctive competence of Cugher is the full dedication to its customers and the capability to develop special customized solutions for the leading Automotive glass manufacturers. The huge success was brought by the sales manager Marino Bonetti in collaboration with Cugher’s agent Ferer.

During the first day of the exhibition Cugher also sold the machine that was especially produced for the expo inn Istanbul, featuring upgrades on the loading system and restyling.  The client is operating in the home décor sector and has already installed two Cugher machines.

Glass Expo Istanbul established itself in short time as a leading meeting hub for the glass business players from Turkey, Middle East and Ex Soviet Union republics.