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Bigger and bigger; better and better


Cugher provides you with decorating solutions for flat glass able to satisfy any demand.
With us you achieve the desired surface finishing with ease.


Complete automatic integrated line for production of large glass sheets coated or printed.
For buildings, windows, doors, walls, shower box.


Flexible solutions for total printing – integration between, silk screen and digital printing, roller coater, IR and UV dryers.

With the continuous growth in size of glass used for buildings and, of course, the amount of glass used too, glassmakers and processors are having to work hard to keep up with the safety and aesthetics requirements involved. Putting two characteristics such as safety and aesthetics together is not an easy job but Cugher Glass has done just that.
With its new EASY printing line, processors are now guranteed the right technical solution for their needs, while saving on time and costs too.

Glass: essential, everywhere, unique

Glass is essential, it is everywhere; the world’s most impressive building projects, latest car models or appliances, most probably involve large areas of glass.
The use of glass is heading the most popular trends in buildings design, the automotive and appliances industries.
Glass has unique properties.
Aesthetically it looks good, it is economical, recyclable and energy efficient. Moreover, natural light has positive effects on people.
Numerous functionalities can be implemented to improve aesthetics,
visibility, light control, safety and comfort. The use of large glass panes for
both residential and nonresidential buildings is therefore growing.

Aesthetics and safety - together

The primary driver for bigger glass size in building is aesthetics.
With the advance of technology, glass is also playing an important role in the development of intelligent building shells to improve heat insulation, solar protection and lately solar power generation.
For safety reasons, glass needs to be laminated instead of tempered, while exterior aesthetics require colour, glass sheet size and transparency.
Individuality is a major driver for the increasing diffusion of glass as preferred material in interiors.
Customers want experiences and environments created according to their specific request.
Glass provides this possibility, in both building shells and interior design. Today, the latest silk screen technology, digital printing and film laminates allow to create glass designs which were thought impossible not long ago.
In addition to challenging aesthetic demands, investors and building teams are looking for higher levels of sustainability, following the recent release of LEED v4 and its new product transparency requirements.

Quality images – screen printing versus digital

The quality of images produced with screen printing technology is superior to other printing technologies.
Screen printed colours are vibrant, have depth and precision, with higher quality compared to the results achieved with digital printing. Moreover,
screen printing processes enable to have exact colour matches and extreme durability.
Digital printing is required when unique pieces and picture reproduction
are requested, while silk screen printing is suitable for industrial application, since it is times faster than digital printing and has lower
operating costs.
Compared to roller coating, with silk screen printing the thickness of the wet paint is lower, but you have infinite freedom of designs and higher precision.
Cugher built its reputation in the automotive sector, offering premium technologically advanced lines with unmatched performance. For
the past five years the company has been concentrating its resources and engineering on developing new solutions and upgrading existing
products. This strategy has allowed Cugher to embark on complex custom-made projects which it has added to its continuously growing know how and expertise in solutions for silk screen printing.
After this intense growth period, Cugher is now working hard to increase its market share in architectural applications.
The goal is not only to introduce products that appeal to the sector, but also to  expand its presence globally with main focus on North America.

Silk screen printing is the most accessible and widespread printing technology.
It is used for printing on glass both for external and internal use.”

EASY printing line

Until now Cugher’s product line for the architectural sector featured only fully automatic equipment with sophisticated automation features. In October 2015, the company will give a first glimpse of its new machine EASY, especially developed to satisfy the needs of large glass sheets fabricators, for large glass sheets up to 3200x6200mm.

This new machine comes in base design and in five different sizes with the biggest being suited for jumbo size glasses. The distinctive features of the machine are its ease of use, low operational and maintenance costs,  increased performance.

EASY line has its own identity and logo to distinguish it from Cugher’s flagship product line dedicated to the automotive market. Its price positioning is also very attractive, a decision made and guided by the company’s aim to propose its technology to larger numbers of clients. This important choice will enable small- and mid-sized business owners and fabricators to use Cugher technology and take advantage of expert support throughout all phases of their projects, either integrations into existing lines or new projects from scratch.

In order to give their clients full flexibility and personalization, the machine can also be equipped with diverse types of optional equipment to best suit the production needs of customers.

This additional optional equipment can improve productivity or speed
up changeover.
An essential part of the launch of the new line is the service that Cugher is going to provide for EASY.
To guarantee that EASY owners get the same service level as premium equipment owners, the technical and servicing department of Cugher is investing new resources and expanding its reach, while cutting response
This new policy is an expression of the commitment and passion to serve
customers in the best way possible, and to build relationships, rather than business transactions.

Coping with glassmakers’ challenges

Cugher has always used a customer centric approach when defining its strategic moves. And with the EASY printing line it is exactly the same. Analyzing the challenges that today’s glass manufacturers have to face, such as stringent lead times, high yield, small lots, customized products,
fewer defective units, high costs, Cugher designed a line which could help cope with these issues effectively.

EASY has an ‘integration ready’ design that provides synergies with other printing technologies. In this way, clients have the possibility of creating a flexible line with by-passing options, or to add different printing stages as the need arises. Some conceptual characteristics of EASY, such as lifting and the design of the printing head, are taken directly from the premium Series J machines.

These signature features of Cugher machines guarantee high-performance standards and easy maintenance.

Base model – optional equipment

EASY comes as a base model with essential automation and combination of manual and automated set up. This configuration can be upgraded with optional equipment to suit different applications. The machine has a modular structure, and is offered with precentring conveyor, machine and exit conveyor.
Each of these parts is an independent unit and can be integrated with other machines, thus providing more accessibility and flexibility to manufacturers, who are free to organize their
production as they prefer.

Moreover, the installation, either of a new line or integration
in existing lines, is carried out in less time and with reduced efforts.
Thanks to simplified automation and software, startup times are reduced to up to two days and with short learning curves for operators.
The software is standardized and troubleshooting is easy to handle, with the possibility of remote assistance.

Main features

Easy by Cugher is a low-priced architectural machine, with modular structure designed to simplify your work and deliver outstanding performance.

Become a one-stop solution provider with our flexible printing line able to integrate screen printing, digital printing and roller coating in a single line.

With our new IR/UV Combi dryer you have the maximum flexibility and
freedom to manage your production.


  • Extraction of the silk screen for cleaning with register retention
  • Pneumatic clamping system for squeegee and flood bar
  • Anti-drop system, to avoid the accidental ink drip from the flood bar group
  • Vacuum printing table for printing of flexible materials

* (optional)

Technical data and performance

Technical data E 160x260E 200x300E 200x400E 260x520E 320x620
Max. glass size (mm)1600x26002000x3000
Min. glass size (mm)400x400
Glass thickness (mm)1,8 - 20
1,8 - 20
1,8 - 20
1,8 - 20
1,8 - 20
Repeatability (mm)
+/- 0,1
+/- 0,1
+/- 0,1+/- 0,1+/- 0,1

Cugher Glass EASY

The EASY printing head is equipped with special features, which, when coupled with additional machine options, guarantee lower consumables utilization and considerable time saving during operation and changeover.

Cugher designed the line taking into account important aspects such as accessibility for maintenance, spare parts supply and servicing – so as to give its clients more freedom and flexibility.

Over 80 per cent of machine parts are commercially available and supplied
by global manufacturers, which further simplifies maintenance operations
and delivery times.

Of course, after-sales maintenance and service are also part of this interesting offer.

Making new investments.

Calculating Return On Investment before making a new investment in equipment has become an important aspect of purchase decision-making. Most companies try to justify new investments based on a two- to three-year payback looking only at the bottom line when comparing different solutions.

Today’s industrial equipment lasts much longer than three years. But a complete ROI is more complex than that, since variables that have a longer-term impact and, therefore, intangible benefits should be  quantified.

The impact of new parts, service, and new work beyond the initial period should be considered. It may often cost more to account for possibilities in the next five to ten years, and making a visionary decision on purchasing can actually avoid future capital expenses. This method should be taken into account with technical and strategic aspects to maintain competitiveness and options for future capacity increases.

Quality is among the top priorities for end users and it is not fully recognized by ROI. Moreover, it depends not only on the equipment,
but also on the process.

Choosing a partner who can guarantee most, if not all, of these variables at a reasonable price, is important for the overall success of investments.
And this is where Cugher steps in, with its understanding of these
processes, supplying its customers with the most suitable technical and process solutions and machinery.