Cugher technology for an enhanced productivity

IR Dryers

All Cugher dryers comply with the highest energy standards and are
designed as an integral part of the line, with the possibility to study and
realize different temperature curves in each module, to ensure an improved productivity.
The Cugher Dryers are manufactured with the best existing materials
to guarantee the maximum reliability of the line.

IR Dryers

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The drying technology of Cugher IR Dryer is of mixed type: it combines the effectiveness of the Infrared lamps and the air blades, in order to distribute the heat uniformly and obtain a better and quicker drying up of the ink.
The IR lamps are located in the upper part of the dryer which is made of stainless steel, glasses are transferred by special Kevlar belts.
Typically the dryer is composed of two hot and two cold modules with a total length of 8,2 mt. Each module is equipped with 9 to 12 IR lamps with double filament and golden reflector. The hot and the cold zones are separated in order to avoid any heat exchange. The thermal insulation system is one of the best and most advanced nowadays as it combines good insulation efficiency and a good resistance to thermal shocks. A minimum thermal inertia allows a quick temperature raise of the dryer and reduces the energy consumption in case of non-continuous functioning.
The conveyor speed can be regulated up to 12 mt/min, guaranteeing a glass temperature (standard) at exit 30°C above the ambient temperature.
With the additional cooling unit (chiller) we can ensure a considerable decrease of this temperature, enabling the execution of subsequent prints on the line.

Main features

  • Vertical airflow thanks to “air blades”, a specific technology developed by Cugher
  • Medium wave IR
  • Adjustable working temperature of each module
  • Controlled air circulation inside the cold modules
  • PLC control for easy operation
IR Dryer     
Dimension (cm)100130160200230
N° Lamps9x2,5kW9x3,25kW9x4kW9x5kW9x5,75kW
Total power 75,5kW89,2kW102,7kW120,7kW134,2kW