Cugher technology for an enhanced productivity

UV Dryers

All Cugher dryers comply
with the highest energy standards
and are designed as an integral part of the line,
with the possibility to study and realize different temperature
curves in each module,
to ensure an improved productivity.
The Cugher Dryers are manufactured
with the best existing materials
to guarantee the maximum reliability of the line.

UV Dryers

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The top of the UV Dryer is composed of hoods, where the lamps are located in appropriate parabolas made of extruded aluminum whose internal surface is processed in a mode which allows to increase the reflecting power.
The dryer has a robust structure of electro-galvanized metal sheets which can resist to an intensive utilization. The glasses are transferred by means of a special Kevlar mat, driven by an a.c. motor controlled by an inverter.
Dedicated anti-reflection shields, placed on the dryer’s inlet and outlet, have been installed to protect the operators from the UV radiations allowing safe operations. The dryer us equipped with a sensor system which turns it off and activates the alarm system in case of overheating.
A particular attention is dedicated to the realization of an innovative digital control system for the management of the lamps and their power.
Due to its new technology our UV Digital Dryer is capable to save approximately 8.140kW per year and increase the productivity by 7%! (calculation is based on standard work load conditions: 8h/day, 220days/year, lamp 17kW/h, 30% stand by time).

Main features

  • Dedicated fans guarantee the uniform diffusion of heat
  • Continuous monitoring of each lamp’s operating parameters
  • More than 95% increased lamp efficiency thanks to the lamp pilot system
  • Reduced air emissions
  • Dual processor technology
UV Dryer     
Dimension (cm)100130160200230